Table Decorations

Hello!  I’m still recovering from Thanksgiving.  Last night we hosted our annual “Left-over Night”.  Yes, just another excuse to get together with friends and eat more but we always have a good time!  This is one of my table decorations from Thanksgiving.  I had all of this Stampin’ Up! tulle in my drawer and wanted something easy to do with it.  Ta-da!  Tie a bow around a wine glass, add a little sand and a candle and you have a table decoration!  This isn’t a great picture but it gives you an idea of what I did.  Change the tulle to Cherry Cobbler and add a red or green candle for your Christmas table.  I do have to give you a little tip.  My wine glasses (12 for $10!) had a narrower top than bowl and once the candles melted we had a bit of trouble getting them out of the wine glass!  Just a little something to think about!  😉

I saw this picture on Facebook yesterday and just had to share.  It was made just for me!  Ha!  😀



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