More Circles….Just In Time For Easter!

004Well, we’re having another major snow storm today so I needed to think Spring!  Easter is on it’s way with soft, pastel colors just like this card.

Are you wondering how I got my wreath of circles so round?  I knew that if I just started placing circles on the the card it would never work so I came up with a plan!  I punched a large circle (2 1/2″) from a scrap of paper and then put temporary adhesive around the edges.  I then started placing my smaller circles for the wreath around the larger circle.  This way I could move the smaller circles around until they looked right.  When my wreath l007ooked the way I wanted it to I turned it over and placed a small amount of adhesive between the circles where they overlapped to hold it together.  I then removed my large temporary circle and placed the wreath on my card front.

That’s it for today’s installment of “What Can You Do With A Circle?”!  Have a great day, take care and Happy Stamping!  Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter/e-mail list and LIKE my Facebook page so you don’t miss any great circle tips/ideas!




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