Masculine Love and Sympathy Card

Love and Sympathy.1212Here’s another sympathy card.  They’re always tough to make, don’t you think?  We actually made this card in classes back in December.  Do you think I have enough layers on it?  I started out with just a few layers but it didn’t look complete until I had all six, yes six!, layers on it.  I know….I got carried away but it sure is a nice looking card!  🙂

This would have been perfect for my neighbor.  Unfortunately I didn’t have any on had and since I had to start from scratch I figured I’d create something new!

Sunday’s Super Bowl Party went well and we did have tons of wings leftover.  That’s what they make freezers for isn’t it?  I love throwing these parties but I never actually get to see the game (or the commercials).  Every year I keep saying that I’m going to sit and watch the game but then someone new comes in and I have to great them and start chatting away….maybe it would help if I was shy….. HA!

Have a great day!  Take care and Happy Stamping!

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