Another Trip Finished

20170928_184609 (2)We just returned from another trip to the family cabin in Canada.  Son #1 and his wife hadn’t been there yet this year and this past week was the only time we could fit it in before the weather got too cold.  It was a great week as the leaf colors really came out while we were there.  We had a couple nice days and caught enough fish for a good meal but most of the days were cool and rainy.  More time for games, puzzles and books though.  🙂


IMG959312001 (2)I did catch a really nice walleye while we were fishing.  This one was too big to keep but it sure was fun to catch!  In Canada, you can only keep walleye that are “in the slot”.  You don’t want to keep fish that are too small and the big ones like I caught here are usually female so you want to leave them to lay their eggs so you can catch even more fish!  🙂



20170929_185936 (2)My husband did have a little mishap with a ladder while we were at the cabin so we had to make an emergency run back across the border for some stitches.  Luckily it wasn’t anything too serious.  This sunset picture is from our trip back across the lake when we returned.


20171002_191826 (2)We love it up there.  The only downside is that it’s a bit far from Colorado.  The cabin is just north of International Falls, MN.  It’s a long 2 day drive to go directly from the cabin to Denver.  A lot of the time we stop in Minneapolis/St. Paul to visit family which breaks up the trip nicely.



On the way back to Colorado this trip we stopped at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.  My daughter-in-law had never been 20171005_101923 (2)there.  It’s definitely something everyone should see sometime in their life if possible.  We toured the little museum there and found out some interesting facts about the construction of the monument.



Well, now I’m home for about a month before I head out to Salt IMG959535 (2)Lake City for Stampin’ Up!’s OnStage event.  I’m really looking forward to that as I’ll get to hang out with my friends and meet up with my new friends that I met in Thailand.  Until then it’s back to work and sharing my love of stamping with you.  Have a great day!  Take care and Happy Stamping!


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