A Lovely Wedding

2015-01-03 17.44.13Let me just begin by saying that the wedding yesterday of one of our neighbor boys and his bride was beautiful.  The bride was radiant and the day turned out just like she imagined.  But it was cold.  Brrr!

I’m not one to complain (OK…I do like to whine a little…..) but yesterday was not the perfect day for an outdoor wedding in Colorado.  Yes, we get some mighty fine winter days here but yesterday was not one of them.  The temperature and the wind did not cooperate.

The wedding was at a golf course that has a gorgeous view of Denver and the mountains.  Unfortunately there was a light snow and a wind so you couldn’t see much.  There was a beautiful patio area off the club house where the wedding was held.  It was covered and tented on three sides but that wind made it a bit chilly.  I had on open-toed shoes and my little toes were almost numb by the time the ceremony was over.  The front area where the kids got married was open which made it a bit tricky when it came time to light the Unity Candle.

2015-01-03 17.06.43Once we got inside everything was warm and wonderful though.  Good friend, good food and good fun!

The picture to the left is the adults from the neighborhood although the grooms parents aren’t in it.  They were busy mingling.  I’m the short one in the back row.

2015-01-03 16.27.18Here’s a picture of the “kids” from the neighborhood and their significant others.   My son is the second from the right.

A cold but lovely evening.  🙂  Congrats Tim & Emily!

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